People often ask why it takes time to see their wedding photos after the wedding. A fair question given that shooting digital images is an instant process. Just shoot, download and deliver – right? Not quite!

I take time after your wedding to go through several edits to reduce the thousands of images down to the essential images that will end up being delivered digitally and in a beautiful album. Once I have 600-800 edited images, the enhancing process begins!

What is the difference between enhancing and retouching?

These two terms have vastly different meanings. Coming from a visual journalism background, I typically will enhance images, which is the process of colour correction, colour balance, dodging (making areas lighter) and burning (making areas darker). This process is closely related to what can be done in a traditional film darkroom. 

Retouching may incorporate enhancing, but goes further. Retouching means altering the image digitally to correct for areas not to the liking of the photographer or client. Such alterations can be small such as removing leaves overlapping the bride's dress, or removing someone in the distant background. It can also be extensive such as adding Uncle Bob to a group shot when everyone knew he was in the hospital! Or it can be cutting out the bride & groom and placing them in Champaign flutes! 

What you see in the images above, are several Before & After images. The Before images are straight out of the camera with no enhancing. Regardless of what camera a photographer uses, some degree of enhancing will be required to elevate an ok image to a beautiful one. 

In some cases, images are converted to black & white where I believe the image is about emotion, a moment and intimacy. For those images, colour is a distraction and takes away from the moment. The colour images are enhanced to emphasize the main focus of the photo. 

My wedding images will offer a compelling narrative with the enhancing encouraging the viewer to pause at each photo and enjoy the moment. 

  • ning zhang

    on August 27, 2016

    This is a fabulous article accompany with amazing pictures! Love the wedding details and the way of showcasing them! Of course enhancing is better. In China, we heard a lot of such news about the wedding images being complained, such as the bride cannot be recognized in those pictures owning to the pictures were over-retouched. And there was a news last year in Sichuan: that a new couple spent a lot of money to go to Phuket, Thiland to shoot wedding photos and the result is no any sign can tell that was in Phuket or even in Thiland. Those pictures looked like in anywhere in a comment countryside scene. It became a joke on internet. Your wedding pictures are so elegant and stylish. The brides are radiating happiness!

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